The Master Key Week 1 w/ LeeOutLoud

 “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear,” is proving true in my life right now. I am so excited to have been invited by two new friends to join the Master Key program this Fall. I had zero Idea what I was getting into, but I do know that Vladka and Kenton are motivated, motivating, and dynamic people who make me feel good. They believe in me more than I believe in myself. They threw me a rope and I am going to hold on and follow them where they (and this course)lead me. Self-discovery, here I come.

Listening to the three intro videos provided me a clarity that I had not had in months. The language resonated. I was a little afraid to take the leap, but Kenton reminded me that I needed to sacrifice in order to grow. I know I need this NOW and I am stoked to get started and stay in the game.

My wakeup call was last week (September 17th 2018) when my daughter said, “Mom, I am so sick of seeing you lying in bed” and “you always cancel your plans, you never go out.” Wait, what? Who have I become over the past three months? Who sucked my energy, drive and positivity? Where is the girl who invested in a “side hustle” that was going to change the world? The one who stood on stage and motivated other people?

The girl lying in the king size bed is not the ME with whom I am familiar. Lately, my get up and go… got up and went. Menopause, turning 50, toxic people in my life? Screw these excuses.

LeeOutLoud will find her voice again!

I love motivational podcasts and learning. I love to read and to expand. The girl in the bed forgot how this feels. She forgot how endorphins are so important. She forgot how energy begets energy. She gained weight, lost her mojo and started down a road that was both unfamiliar and uncomfortable.

The Master Key is the perfect tool to help me correct course, map my future, reach deep inside and find myself. Over the past three months, I have built a habit of sloth, disinterest, and even started dipping my toe into the depression pool. STOP! NOW!

Listening to the week one audio in my car was a blessing. I am committed to the course and I know that everything I need is inside of me. I am going to get back on track, get my motor runnin’ and head out on the highway to find that girl I lost.

I keep my promises.

I will not make plans that I do not intend to keep.

I will listen to the lessons and use my windshield time to my advantage.

I will exercise EVERY DAY because I know that you never regret it.

Already, I feel the energy that was buried deep inside me. I am motivated for change. This is the ignition! No more Buddy Guy “The Thrill is Gone” … I’m looking for my new theme song and will use my mantra, “if you get confused, listen to the music play.” Thank you Jerry Garcia and thank you Vladka and Kenton and thank you Master Key!


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